Kennedy’s Ex-Colleagues Want Him to Drop Presidential Bid

( – A bunch of his former colleagues from an environmental defense organization are calling on independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to drop out of the 2024 race for the White House.

Several former and current staff from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), including the organization’s founders, have officially endorsed President Joe Biden for a second term and denounced Kennedy in a letter scheduled to be advertised in newspaper ads across six different swing states.

The letter opens with, “Earth to RFK Jr.” and proceeds to dismiss Kennedy’s campaign as “nothing more than a vanity candidacy.” The letter accused Kennedy of choosing “to play the role of election spoiler” for Biden “to the benefit” of former President Donald Trump. They described the former president as the “single worst” one for the environment in American history.

On Friday, April 19, a collective of environmental advocacy organizations published a separate joint letter rebuking Kennedy as a “dangerous conspiracy theorist” and “science denier.” The letter was signed by a dozen environmental groups, including the Sunrise Movement, the Sierra Club, Climate Emergency Advocates, and 350 Action. They accused Kennedy of making “false environmental claims” and proclaimed that their groups could not “in good conscience” allow Kennedy to co-opt the environmentalist movement’s successes for “personal benefit.” The environmental advocacy groups called on all Americans “to reject” Kennedy and his “toxic beliefs… before it’s too late.”

Kennedy worked at the NRDC for almost thirty years as a senior attorney, which he mentioned throughout his campaign to help promote the environmental aspects of his platform. Kennedy says if elected he would be the best president for the environment in the nation’s history, promising to crack down on oil drilling, fracking, and other industries.

The independent candidate has also drawn widespread criticism from former colleagues and others in the scientific community for questioning the 2020 pandemic, how governments responded to it, and rolling out vaccine mandates. Many of Kennedy’s family members have also distanced themselves from him, with over a dozen of them officially endorsing Biden last week, including his sister Kerry Kennedy. She said the choice for Americans in November will certainly be between Biden and Trump.

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