Ukraine Lowers Age to Call Citizens for Combat

( – Ukraine wants to send more of its young men into the meat grinder. President Volodymyr Zelensky signed a new law which lowered the age of conscription from 27 to 25 years old, betraying their desperation for fighting men and thus battlefield losses.

While both sides have taken heavy losses in the fighting, Russia is a larger country with a far superior military and vast population to draw from. Zelensky said in December that they needed 500,000 more fighting men, though changed his tune on April 3, suggesting that they didn’t require that many.

A report from a top Ukrainian general indicated that they had enough men given their currently available resources. The bill to reduce the age of conscripts or men drafted into the fighting was passed by the Ukrainian parliament in May 2023, but wasn’t official until Zelensky signed it.

Meanwhile, NATO ministers in Brussels were discussing a potential €100 billion plan to fund Ukraine for five years. The funding would cover military support. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the figure was a working number, but it was universally understood among NATO members that Ukraine needs lots of money and will need it for years to come.

He suggested that “Ukraine can rely on NATO,” for years to come, despite the war being unpopular with conservatives.

Zelensky said that Russia was planning to activate an additional 300,000 troops by June. Russia has no comment on Zelensky’s claims.

Ukraine is likely to get a boost from F-16s being contributed by NATO countries. The jets are anticipated to arrive as early as July, and will give Ukraine an edge when it comes to air superiority, which has thus far been dominated by Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that the jets will represent a legitimate military target regardless of where they’re launched from or land. Putin basically said that if the jets launch from outside of Ukraine, their airfields will become new Russian targets, regardless of what country houses them.

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