Bill Barr Insists Far-Left More Dangerous Than Trump

( – Former Attorney General Bill Barr confirmed his full support for former President Donald Trump in November’s general election over President Biden and claims that the “threat” to the US is coming “from the far-left.”

On Saturday, April 20, Barr appeared for an interview on Fox News’ “Cavuto Live.” During that interview, host Neil Cavuto asked Barr why the former Attorney General decided to endorse Trump despite his past criticisms of the former president.

Barr replied that while he served in Trump’s administration, he was “fine with his policies” and thought the former president had “good policies.” He then clarified that it was Trump’s behavior that he “found very troubling” following the election. Despite those concerns, Barr said he does not believe Trump will become “an autocrat” who takes over the country “like some right-wing dictator,” which he said is “not the threat” America faces.

The former Attorney General said the real threat to the US “is from the far-left” and what he describes as a “drift” toward a “socialist system” allowing “no opposition.” A system Barr says “cancels people,” only allows “one viewpoint” to be expressed in US colleges, and “tries to push parents out of the picture” regarding their children’s education. Barr described the radical left as “a heavy-handed bunch of thugs,” and he says that they pose the biggest threat to American democracy.

Barr, who also served as US Attorney General under George H. W. Bush from 1991 to 1993, served in Trump’s administration from 2019 to the end of Trump’s term. He was heavily criticized for his handling of the Mueller report and for intervening in the conviction and sentencing processes for Michael Flynn and Roger Stone, both former Trump advisers. He was also criticized for his stance on reviving federal executions.

Although John J. Crittenden holds the record for first place, Barr is the second person to serve as US Attorney General for two non-consecutive terms.

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