Where The $95B Foreign Aid Package Is Going

(TotalConservative.com) – After much deliberation and debate, particularly among conservative lawmakers divided on the issue, the US House of Representatives finally passed a foreign aid package that will send funds to assist Ukraine and Israel during their war efforts, and toward defending the Indo-Pacific region and Taiwan.

On Saturday, April 20, the House passed the controversial bipartisan $95 billion aid package, despite the backlash and threats from GOP hardliners to oust House Speaker Mike Johnson in the same way they did his predecessor last year.

The package will provide around $61 billion to Ukraine to assist with economic recovery and military reinforcement in the ongoing war with Russia. This portion is perhaps the most contested by the isolationist-leaning Republicans, who disagree with pouring any more money into the conflict. Almost $14 billion will go towards weapons purchases to help Ukraine continue its counteroffensive, and $9 billion will be allocated to economic assistance in the form of forgivable loans.

About $23.2 billion—almost a third of the aid package—will replenish US military weapons and ammunition systems, which were running low from helping the embattled nation since the Russian invasion in February 2022. The last aid package to Ukraine happened in December 2023, and Russia has taken advantage of the dwindling supplies.

Israel will receive about $26 billion, which includes humanitarian relief aid for Palestinians in Gaza, which is still under siege by the Jewish state as it tries to weed out Hamas militants. About $9 billion will go toward aid for Gaza, and about $4 million will be used to replenish Israeli missile defense systems. The conflict began after Hamas attacked Israel on Oct. 7, 2023, killing roughly 1,200, and over 34,000 have since been killed in the Gaza Strip since Israel’s military response began. The conflict is creating division amongst both Republican and Democratic lawmakers about how the US should respond.

Another $8 billion in the spending bill will go toward neutralizing Chinese efforts to control the Indo-Pacific region by assisting US allies there, including Taiwan. Over $3 billion will go toward developments in submarine infrastructure, and another $2 billion will replenish US stockpiles after helping these nations.

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