Hezbollah Responds to Attack in South Lebanon

(TotalConservative.com) – Israeli bombing in Southern Lebanon is being decried as “indiscriminate” after a family of four was killed and multiple other people were injured as a result of a strike on March 9. Hezbollah responded by bombing the Meron settlement in Israel the next day, indicating that the cycle of violence only begets further bloodshed.

The strike on March 9 by the Israelis hit Khirbet Selm, a town in southern Lebanon, resulting in the deaths of Jaafar Ali Marjeh, his wife, and two adult sons. Nine other injuries were reported, including unspecified harm to a pregnant woman and teen girls.

Hezbollah issued a statement the following day saying that they attacked “the Meron colony” using “dozens of Katyusha rockets.” They said they also attacked multiple other Israeli outposts including locations where they saw “enemy soldiers” near Birkat Risha.

The announcement of the strikes mourned the loss of Marjeh and his family. He was reportedly a reservist with Hezbollah, as was one of his sons. His other son was a teacher and the day he was killed was “Teacher’s Day” in Lebanon.

Israel has allegedly killed over 250 people in Lebanon over the past several months during its hot war with Hamas. The total includes journalists, civilians, and combatants with the Amal Movement and Hezbollah, two anti-Zionist militias in Lebanon. Most of the killed could be considered combatants.

Fighting along Israel’s northern border with Lebanon has increased in frequency as the war continues. A settlement between the Israeli regime and Hezbollah negotiators was rejected after Hezbollah said the deal was completely one-sided with no concessions from the Zionist state. Israel is now threatening to expand the conflict to more dramatic military operations in Lebanon if they refuse their terms.

Lebanese Daily Al-Akhbar is reporting claims by western diplomats that Israel has issued a deadline of March 15 for a “political settlement” to the situation. Tel Aviv has promised to “escalate military operations to a broad war” if their terms aren’t met.

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