Investigation Ensues after Pilots Accused of Sleeping Inflight

( – Aviation authorities in Indonesia are investigating an incident where a pilot and his co-pilot fell asleep during a short flight on January 25. The naps caused the plane to stray from its intended flight path and triggered concern from air traffic controllers who were unable to contact the flight while the men dozed. One hundred and fifty-three passengers were on board the flight.

A 32-year-old captain and his 28-year-old co-pilot were slapped with negligence charges, according to a report from Fox News. The men were both asleep for 28 minutes during Batik Air flight BTK6723, according to authorities. The flight originated from South East Sulawesi and was en route to the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta.

Once the plane hit cruising altitude the captain decided to take a break. He suggested his first officer take a break after he returned from his rest, but the man declined. The captain then continued his rest while allowing the co-pilot to control the plane. It was during that period that bad weather caused the co-pilot to change course. He dozed off thereafter and failed to correct their course after passing the bad weather, according to a report from NBC News.

The captain awoke to discover his first officer sleeping and the plane off course. The captain was able to return the plane to its original heading and make a safe landing in Jakarta without further incident.

It was explained to Fox News that the co-pilot had newborn twins at home and as a result was having difficulty sleeping. The pilots were both temporarily suspended pending an investigation, and the airline itself suffered an official government reprimand.

The case highlights the importance of getting a good night’s rest. Whether you’re driving to work or flying an airplane, it’s incredibly important that your brain is well-rested so you can make quick decisions, potentially preventing an accident. Most airline passengers don’t expect their pilots to fall asleep while they’re flying!

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