Madeleine McCann Suspect Allegedly Disowned by Mother

( – The adoptive mother of a man suspected of being responsible for the kidnapping and murder of Madeleine McCann has disowned him in comments given to the press on March 10. Brigitte Brueckner raised Christian Brueckner from a baby after she adopted him and his brother in the late 1970s.

Brueckner, 47, is now the primary suspect in the disappearance of McCann in 2007. Brueckner is currently being held in Germany on allegations he sexually assaulted two children in Portugal and raped three women. He’s serving a seven year sentence on rape charges while facing down numerous additional allegations, including potential charges in McCann’s disappearance. He’s suspected of multiple offenses involving the sexual violation of children.

German police have claimed to possess “concrete evidence” that Madeleine McCann is dead, saying that they’ve informed her parents. They suspect that Brueckner was initially planning to rob the McCann’s vacation rental, but progressed to kidnapping, rape, and murder.

Authorities launched a new search for her body in May 2023 after receiving new information from witnesses. The area was known to be a frequent spot by Brueckner and police did not reveal what they discovered in their search. It was also established that Brueckner was in the area around the time of Maddie’s disappearance due to a phone call he made from the location. The search went on for just three days.

Brueckner allegedly confessed to the killing in 2017, according to a friend who eventually revealed the content of their conversation to the German police.

Brueckner is a dangerous predator who has been connected to the disappearances of several children. These include a five-year-old German girl in 2015, a six-year-old boy from Portugal in 1996, a 16-year-old girl in 1996, a seven-year-old in 1995, a 13-year-old German boy in 2020, and more.

He is currently serving a seven year sentence for the rape of a 72-year-old woman in 2005.

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