NATO Ally Issues Warning to Johnson

( – Poland’s foreign minister for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) issued a stern warning to US House Speaker Mike Johnson about the state of Ukraine in its ongoing war with Russia and a lack of aid to assist in the war.

Rodoslaw Sikorski spoke at the Atlantic Council on Monday, Feb. 26, and noted that the House Speaker used to speak “warmly about Ukraine” but has now changed his tone. He then urged Johnson to do what he can to pass the aid package that’s still being debated by Congress. The package was one of the topics on the House’s agenda when they convened again on Wednesday, Feb. 28, as well as avoiding another government shutdown.

Sikorski’s warning comes as Ukraine struggles with ammunition shortages and other resource shortages in its ongoing effort to push back the Russian invasion as the war enters its third year. The US is now in the spotlight as other NATO nations see its support as essential to defeat Russia, but many Americans are growing impatient with the cost of the war as they deal with serious problems of their own, such as the southern border crisis.

Johnson received heavy criticism from President Joe Biden and others for deciding to send the House on recess for two weeks instead of voting on the measure after it passed the Senate. The package would give $95 billion toward international aid, $61 billion of which is set to go toward Ukraine. Another $14 billion will go to Israel, $4.83 billion to secure the Indo-Pacific region, and also $9.15 billion to provide humanitarian aid in Ukraine, Israel, and the Palestinian territory in Gaza.

The original aid package included funding for border security and immigration law reforms, but many Republicans were dissatisfied with those parts of the bill, including Johnson, who said it would be “dead on arrival” on the House floor. Senate Republicans blocked it, and the package was quickly reintroduced without the border provisions to avoid any further delay in assisting Ukraine.

Sikorski warned Johnson that if the US aid package doesn’t pass, any future victories on the battlefield by Russia will be the House Speaker’s responsibility. The Polish foreign minister reminded Johnson that “the whole world is watching.”

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