Palestinian Doctor Responds to Telegram Threats

( – A prominent doctor in the Gaza Strip is speaking out about threats against his life by Israelis, who have been posting about planning to kill the Palestinian doctor on a Telegram channel.

Ever since the war began last year, Dr. Mohammed Quidaih has been working and tending to the wounded throughout hospitals across Gaza, including one of its largest, the Nasser Medical Complex. On Tuesday, March 5, Quidaih said he was informed by a social media follower that Israelis in a Telegram group chat were planning to have the doctor killed.

The follower sent Quidaih a screenshot allegedly from the group chat, which the doctor shared on his Instagram page which appeared to show Israelis responding to one of his videos with threats. The screenshots showed users posting messages such as “still alive but not for long” and that all Palestinians “will be burned.” Quidaih maintains that he will continue to serve in Gaza and to document what he’s witnessing “inside the surgical room,” claiming the messages do not scare him.

The doctor said that receiving death threats is “not strange,” and that Palestinians have experienced “this level of threat for nearly 80 years” by Israelis, who he described as “occupiers” and accused of committing “massacres against defenseless civilians.”

The ongoing conflict was sparked by an attack by Hamas, the radical Islamic militant group governing the Palestinian territories, which killed roughly 1,200 on Oct. 7, 2023. Hamas also brought a couple hundred hostages back over the border. Since then, Israel launched an invasion of the Gaza Strip to weed out Hamas and retrieve the hostages, and over 30,000 Palestinians have been killed in the process. According to health officials in Gaza, 70% of the dead are women and children.

The conflict has caused rifts in both major US political parties, and Congress continues to debate a foreign aid package that includes aid for Israel, the Gaza Strip, and Ukraine, as well as to protect Taiwan. The package has already passed the Senate but remains up for debate in the House.

Amidst the debates and the carnage overseas, progressive Democrats have been pressuring President Joe Biden to do more to pave the way for a ceasefire, and the president has been losing support amongst his base leading into the general election in November.

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