Putin Orders Hunt of Russian Dissidents

(TotalConservative.com) – Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered his intelligence agents to track down and eliminate Russian dissidents who joined the Ukrainian war effort on March 15. The alleged Russian militias began firing on Russian troops and attacking Russian villages along the Ukrainian border the same day elections were being held, interrupting the vote.

Putin spoke about the traitors during a speech he gave to FSB (Russian equivalent of the FBI) leadership on March 19 at the agency’s headquarters. He told audiences that he was intent on punishing the men involved regardless of how long it takes to find them or where around the world they end up hiding.

Putin had previously ordered the evacuation of the Russian villages, including families with thousands of young children due to instability in the region. He had thus far been able to limit the war in Russia to drone strikes, sabotage, and the shelling of unpopulated areas. Three different militias have turned on their former countrymen, and Putin suggested they were being helped by foreign mercenaries and augmented by Ukrainian regulars.

He added that all attempts to continue to drive into Russian territory have failed and will continue to fail, despite the setback.

The Belgorod region along the border with Ukraine has been experiencing recent incursions by the militias, but this speech marked the first time Putin had acknowledged the news. He suggested that he would make the territory safe again in time.

On March 12, members of the Russian Freedom Legion (RFL), Siberian Battalion (SB), and Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK) engaged in a pre-dawn two-pronged attack on Russian territory. The militants claimed they were intent on “marching to Moscow.” Russian Defense Ministry representatives said they’d killed over 200 enemy combatants and several tanks.

Kyiv denied involvement, suggesting the attackers were Russian citizens.

Alexei Baranovsky is a volunteer with RFL who told Pravda that their overarching goal was to remove Putin from power. He’s aligned with Western intelligence agencies in that regard. CIA Director William Burns told Senators on March 11 that a stalled Ukrainian support package for $60 billion in aid could put Ukraine in a much stronger negotiating position to bring about an end to the war.

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