Soldier Charged with Selling Military Secrets

( – A US Army soldier was indicted last week for allegedly selling information about American national defense to China, which was announced last Thursday, March 7, by Henry C. Leventis, the US Attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee, following the soldier’s arrest.

An intelligence analyst for the US Army, Korbein Schultz, who served in the 506th Infantry Regiment’s First Battalion, was indicted on Wednesday, March 6, for allegedly selling sensitive military information to a Chinese operative. He was stationed at Fort Campbell, located on the Kentucky-Tennessee border, and arrested the following day, March 7, at his family home in Clarkesville, Tennessee.

Schultz was hit with six counts and charged with bribing a public official, unlawfully exporting defense articles to a foreign nation, and unlawfully communicating defense information. Leventis said that Schultz traded American national defense information “for cash.” Schults accepted 14 payments amounting to $42,000.

According to the indictment, the soldier began collecting and sharing information about military operations with a Chinese co-conspirator in June 2022. Some of that information included details of rocket systems, advanced helicopters, missile defense systems, military tactics, and manuals about tactics and techniques for intercontinental missiles and F22-A fighter jets.

Schultz allegedly told one of his conspirators that he wanted to be “Jason Bourne,” referencing the fictional secret agent character. He also expressed interest in “moving to Hong Kong” to work for his employer. The indictment says he was initially lured into the scheme with promises of money and perks related to car racing, which is an interest of the defendant.

Throughout their working relationship, Schultz began by drafting documents detailing specific information requested by his employers, who then offered him higher payments for any documents that were classified. Soon, they were requesting more “sensitive” information, such as details about “hypersonic equipment,” studies on military development, studies on the People’s Republic of China, and “summaries of military drills” and “operations.”

Shultz’s family was shocked by his arrest, as were his colleagues. His second cousin, Kolby Weldon, who also served alongside Schultz at Fort Campbell, said he was close with him and hurt by the charges.

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