UK Government to Leverage Tik Tok to Deter Migrants

( – British authorities are planning to sponsor content creators to encourage migrants to avoid illegally entering the country, signaling that the UK government is floundering in its attempts to stem the tide of illegals coming into the country.

Britain’s Home Office wants to pay popular influencers in countries around the world to produce content that would dissuade viewers from attempting to make the illegal journey. Egypt, Albania, India, Iraq, Vietnam, and Turkey are a few of the nations the UK is looking to hire local influencers in.

The Home Office wants influencers to generate content that would show the deadly and dangerous realities faced by migrants who attempt to enter illegally. Their intention is to counteract efforts by cartels and traffickers who use the platform to promote illegal immigration.

The plan would see thousands of pounds paid out to locals who spread messages regarding the UK’s recently implemented immigration reform law. That law will allow UK authorities to send migrants who arrive illegally via boat to Rwandan asylum centers instead of hotels in the UK.

The British government currently forbids itself from using TikTok due to its connection to and control by the Chinese Communist Party. This plan would allow the government to circumvent its own rules by paying independent content creators to do the work.

The Times of London is reporting that the influencers will have to acknowledge they’re being paid to produce the content by the Home Office for transparency’s sake. The people they want to reach are those considering illegal migration, but haven’t decided on a destination yet.

The Home Office told The Times that they weren’t going to alter anyone’s mind that was already made up, but that they hoped to share accurate information regarding the risks to anyone who was considering the journey. They said that influencers can help reach them or their families and give perspective regarding the risk of detention, exploitation, deportation, as well as the risk of death.

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