Western Governments Continue To Dump Arms Into Ukraine

(TotalConservative.com) – The U.S. continues to pour fuel on the Russo-Ukrainian conflict with the addition of $500 million in ammunition and military equipment with an additional commitment to spend $2.1 billion to buy more guns, ammo, radar, and other advanced weaponry, according to U.S. officials. Much of the ammunition, grenade launchers, and vehicles will come directly from U.S. military stockpiles allowing them to be delivered immediately.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said his country appreciated the help in preparing for the springtime escalation. Ukraine is expected to strike back against the Russian offensive as temperatures rise. He specifically thanked the Biden administration.

The additional $2.1 billion will be spent over time and put towards things like radar equipment, advanced missile and rocket launchers, and other assorted weaponry, according to officials who spoke anonymously.

The conflict currently centers around the city of Bakhmut, while Russia continues to slam long-range missiles into the warzone. That city is currently a major psychological point that Zelensky fears could tip public opinion against Ukraine should the Russians be able to take it.

This latest package includes 23 million small arms rounds, 200,000 grenades, counter-drone systems, radar systems for tracking aircraft, and satellite communications equipment.

Poland also sent some MiG-29 fighter jets, with more to come. The country is revamping its old hardware and planning to send all its jets to Ukraine, to be replaced with more modern equipment at some point in the future. Meanwhile, South Africa is refusing to sell any more weapons to Poland, as their ANC political party is firmly aligned with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s United Russia Party and they believe any weapons purchased for Poland will end up in Ukraine.

This is all happening while famed journalist Seymour Hersh is claiming Joe Biden ordered the destruction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, based on the testimony of anonymous sources. The story was almost completely blacked out in the U.S., suggesting a collaboration between state and corporate entities (there’s a word for that).

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