White House Issues 500 New Sanctions Against Russia

(TotalConservative.com) – President Joe Biden cited the recent death of Russian Alexei Navalny as justification for a new round of sanctions. Five-hundred new sanctions were signed by Biden that were designed to limit Russia’s financial and defense sectors on Friday, February 23.

Biden called Navalny “a courageous anti-corruption activist” when he announced the move. Biden suggested that Navalny’s death was suspicious or otherwise engineered by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Just moments after his death was announced, Vice President Kamala Harris was telling English-language corporate media that Putin was responsible.

The talking point was used to encourage leaders to continue to support the Ukrainian war effort. A slew of press reports suggested his body was bruised from a beating he allegedly received at the hands of the Russian state. In Ukrainian-language media, however, the head of the Ukrainian intelligence agency reported that his information suggests Navalny died from a blood clot.

Biden said the sanctions “will ensure Putin pays” a high price for his international aggression and internal repression.

Navalny’s death is still under investigation in Russia. His wife has reiterated claims that he was assassinated by the Russian state. His mother has reported that she had to wait almost a week to see his body and verify it was him. She said that she was pressured to agree to a “secret funeral,” including the implication that the Russians would dispose of his body as they saw fit if she objected.

Navalny’s wife and daughter also met with President Biden on February 22, before the sanctions were announced.

Biden is demanding that Congress act to pass the recently proffered $95 billion international aid bill that emerged from the Senate. The legislation includes $60 billion in support for Ukraine, $14.1 billion for Israel, additional billions for defense of the Red Sea shipping lanes from Houthi attacks based in Yemen, and billions for Indo-Pacific allies coping with Chinese naval aggression. Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) has said the bill won’t get an airing in the House in its current form.

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