Argentine Presidential Candidate Lashes Out at Leftist Protestors

( – Argentinian Presidential candidate Javier Milei, currently leading in the polls, had harsh words for radical leftist organizations in the country should they riot if he wins. Leftists are upset that Milei has promised huge cuts to the national government, including the elimination of ten of its agencies.

Milei sat down with journalist Jonatan Viale for La Nacion+, describing his plan to eliminate 10 of 18 national agencies that currently exist in Argentina. He explained how each one was expendable or redundant and began listing which ones were which. He said he planned to merge Education, Health, Public Works, and Social Development into a single Ministry of Human Capital.

Milei explained that the process would eliminate several jobs currently held by radicals in government office. Viale then suggested that they might protest in retaliation. He said that if protesters break laws they will be locked up, but that his plan would get rid of a lot of “middlemen, thieves” or prey upon good productive Argentines.

Viale then said that they might surround the presidential residence, to which Milei claimed they’d have to drag him out and kill him if they wanted to stop him. Milei called the threats of leftists against prior administrations extortion.

Milei’s La Libertad Avanza (“Liberty Advances”) party was a huge winner in Sunday’s national electoral primaries in advance of the October general election. Milei is famous for attacking establishment politicians, earning him widespread popularity with voters. Milei walked away from the primary with 30% of the total votes cast in his favor.

In the October national election, Milei will compete against Patricia Bullrich and her center-right party, “Together for Change” and Sergio Massa as the candidate for the leftist “Front for All.” Current President Alberto Fernández decided to opt out of running again, leaving Massa the option to run. He had run before and lost in the last round but was included in Fernández’s administration.

Milei was surprised by the results of the primary, saying that they exceeded his expectations. He explained that the people of Argentina are upset with the current leadership and that naturally, they yearn for freedom.

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