Biden Mistakenly Calls Zelenskyy ‘Vladimir’ In Front Of Him

( – President Joe Biden had a gaffe-filled trip to Europe during the second week of July. The tour which began in the UK with Biden meeting King Charles ended at a NATO summit where the President repeatedly confused Ukraine and Russia as well as mixing up the names of their respective presidents.

During a speech he gave in Lithuania, President Biden called Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy “Vladimir,” the Russian version of his first name which also happens to be the first name of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. He continued without missing a beat, suggesting he didn’t realize his error, and then referred to the Ukrainian president as “Mr. Zelenskyy.”

Speaking at another event after the summit, Biden mixed up Ukraine and Russia and corrected himself immediately. Biden implied Russia could bring about an immediate end to the war if it stopped attacking Russia. He caught the error in context and corrected himself.

Biden also confused Ukraine and Iraq in late June, remixing the countries when he told reporters that “Putin was losing the war in Iraq.” The backlash from conservative commenters was fierce and swift. During his meeting with King Charles, Biden got lost on his way to the stage, having to be guided by the King. That is just the latest in a series of Biden stumbles, falls, and generally appearing confused and senile in public.

Biden was also severely chastised for admitting publicly that the US was running low on 155mm artillery ammunition. The White House and Pentagon were quick to walk his comments back suggesting that our stockpiles are fine and Biden had simply misspoke.

Biden’s staff is now taking flak from reporters. MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski blamed the Secret Service and Biden’s staff for failing to handle him properly due to his advanced age. Biden had recently taken a nasty tumble over a sandbag on a stage, something most people could easily avoid. “He’s 80,” Brzezinski chided, continuing she suggested his staff needs to “make a pathway” and “make sure” he doesn’t trip. The idea of having a president who can walk without requiring constant supervision didn’t occur to her.

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