North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile While Blaming US for Destabilization

( – North Korea threatened to neutralize “U.S. and its vassal forces” and accused South Korea and U.S. officials of attempting to spark a nuclear war in the region. That was after they shot off a ballistic missile into the sea. North Korea’s accusatory statement neglected to mention the missile launch.

The missile was fired on Sunday, December 17th from the coast near the capital of Pyongyang and flew roughly 350 miles before crashing into the sea. Japanese Coast Guard officials report the missile went down roughly twenty minutes after launch.

South Korea slammed the launch as a clear violation of previous U.N. Security Council resolutions which forbid the North from launching ballistic missiles.

North Korea blamed the U.S. for destabilizing the region and accused it of what it called a “reckless military threat.” The North complained that U.S. military assets deployed in the region including bombers and submarines were somehow responsible for “destabilization” while taking no responsibility for firing off a ballistic missile.

Pyongyang was also upset about the use of nuclear weapons scenarios in drills the U.S. is running with the South. They claim the behavior represents an open threat of use of nuclear weapons and vowed “offensive countermeasures” in response.

Shortly before the North launched the missile, a joint U.S. South Korean statement warned Kim Jong Un that if they instigate any nuclear attack against the U.S. or its allies it would usher in the end of his regime. Any nuclear attack by Pyongyang would earn “a swift, overwhelming, and decisive response” they warned.

North Korea frequently fires off test-missiles to rattle the proverbial saber. They’ve fired over 100 since the beginning of 2022. Kim Jong Un has effectively used the Russo-Ukrainian war to obscure his own efforts to achieve nuclear weapons technology, which he believes is essential to secure the independence of North Korea going into the future.

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