Robert Kennedy Jr Says Bill Gates Behind Global “Hijacking” Plot

( – Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. made some heavy remarks about billionaire Bill Gates as well as World Economic Forum leaders—accusing them of manufacturing the narrative around the climate to achieve totalitarian control of societies from the top down.

Kennedy appeared on Zoom roundtable discussion on Tuesday, a group discussion featuring doctors and other dissidents who have been critical of the dominant health policies of those in power.

Kennedy said he believes the narrative surrounding climate change “has been hijacked,” specifically naming Gates and the WEF as the culprits responsible for the hysteria.

Going even further, Kennedy pointed out that society’s “elites” tend to use periods of crises to consolidate power, “diminish democracy,” constrict civil and human rights, and “impose top-down totalitarian controls.” He said he believes climate change is being used in this way by Gates and leaders within the WEF.

During the discussion, Kennedy was asked what he would do to ease the concerns of the youth regarding climate change. Kennedy’s proposed solution to climate change is “a free market approach,” suggesting the use of “marketplace rules” instead of “top-down controls” to deal with the situation by rewarding “the cheapest, most efficient energy sources.” He believes those cheaper sources are “generally” renewable sources, and also said he avoids trying to scare others by talking about CO2 emissions and instead wants to focus on moving away from using coal.

The points that Kennedy makes about “elites” using crises will undoubtedly bring on some criticism and accusations of being a “conspiracy theorist,” but the presidential candidate is no stranger to the label.

His positions on vaccines, particularly during the 2020 pandemic, have stirred up a lot of controversy and resulted in suspensions from social media platforms. Kennedy recently discussed the topic of vaccines on The Joe Rogan Experience.

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