Trump Calls For Trial Delay Until After Election

( – On Monday, former President Donald Trump requested a long delay on his trial over the allegations that he stored sensitive military secrets at his Florida estate, arguing that it would be impossible to find an impartial jury while he is still in the process of running for president.

In a court filing on Monday, a co-defendant and personal aide to Trump, Walt Nauta, and Trump’s attorneys contended that carrying out a trial while an election cycle for the presidency is still pending will result in “extraordinary challenges” when selecting a jury and limit the ability of the defendants to secure adjudication that is “fair and impartial.”

Special counsel Jack Smith has been pushing for a trial as soon as December 2023, which U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon is considering. Cannon is being urged by the defense filing to postpone the trial until after the 2024 election, while Smith and his team believe it is in the public’s best interest to begin the trial immediately.

The attorneys for Trump and Nauta argue against the prosecutors’ claims that the trial would be straightforward and simple, saying it will be much more complicated and require the handling of sensitive presidential documents, reviewing the validity of the probe by Smith, and more. The attorneys stated in the filing that “measured consideration a timeline” which will allow “for a careful and complete review” of everything that led up to the indictment would be in the best interests of not only the Defendants but also the public.

It’s no surprise Trump is trying to delay. Aside from dragging out legal matters being a typical strategy for the former president, if he’s actually convicted, Trump could face time in prison. The unprecedented trial and prosecution would be the first ever against a former president in U.S. history.

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