U.S. Military Operation Makes Unsettling Post On Twitter

(TotalConservative.com) – United State Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) published one of the new pride flags on its Twitter page on June 22nd, prompting criticism from veterans and conservatives across the board. The so-called “Pride Progress” flag, which contains an additional symbol for intersexed individuals, was displayed on USASOC’s Facebook and Instagram accounts as well.

The post also carried with it a caption that recognized “June as Pride month” and encouraged the celebration of all “LGBTQ+ members” of their subsidiary formations. It proudly proclaimed that alphabet people have served in every conflict in which the military has been a part while seemingly ignoring the fact that the American flag represents all Americans and veterans without exclusion.

The additional symbol is a purple circle on a yellow background which allegedly represents “intersex” people who are born with physical or hormonal abnormalities but who typically identify as male or female regardless. Boston University defined intersex somewhat differently, suggesting these are people with bodies that “do not align” with the traditional classifications of male or female. Yellow and purple are considered “nonbinary colors,” according to a written piece on the subject. The flag also contains the white/pink/baby blue/black/brown striped chevron consuming the traditional rainbow flag.

A former Green Beret and business owner suggested that this is one of the reasons the military is having trouble meeting its recruiting goals. He also stated that “there’s only one flag” that the military should be promoting, which represents all veterans, including many who died fighting for the country. He shared a picture of military coffins covered by American flags on the post.

Host of the Sara Carter Show and regular Fox News contributor Sara Carter replied detailing her husband’s 16-year service for USASOC and echoed previous sentiments when she said, “The American flag represents all Americans.” She called the new flag “bizarre” and suggested that the American flag alone celebrates the freedoms that soldiers have fought for over the centuries, “gay or not.”

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