UK Climate Official Calls Out Green Energy Transition

( – British Energy Security and Net Zero Secretary Grant Shapps slammed attempts to rapidly transition the world’s economy to ‘green energy’ as “idiotic” and likely to “impoverish people” by limiting their ability to drive or heat their homes. The comments came during a US-UK Climate summit where both President Biden and King Charles were in attendance.

Shapps was replying to Shell CEO Wael Sawan, who last week was quoted as saying that our global energy supply “desperately needs oil and gas.” Shapps highlighted the fact that transitions happen over time, not “overnight.”

Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry suggested easing up on the process and giving private companies more wiggle room would be “moving in the wrong direction” during an interview he gave with the BBC last week. In that interview, Kerry suggested the opposite: that accelerating the green agenda was what is required to meet energy demands.

Unfortunately for Kerry, the infrastructure doesn’t exist yet for individual nations, let alone the world, to generate enough energy to meet current and projected future demand. International Energy Agency data shows that 81% of the world’s power still comes from oil, coal, and natural gas.

Kerry continued to sound the alarm that’s been proceeding for decades, suggesting we’re in “uncharted territory” and that scientists are “terrified.” A report from earlier this year suggested that past projections of dire consequences were off and that the world has only warmed 2-3 degrees centigrade from pre-industrial levels. That’s substantially less than the dire projections of 5 degrees or more from past projections from the climate change crowd.

Conservatives also argue that energy abundance and a prosperous economy offer new and innovative solutions to challenges like climate change. The challenge is exacerbated on the global stage with the additional wrinkle in the global environmental situation posed by nations like China, which pumps out carbon dioxide privately while publicly making promises to the contrary.

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