White House Press Secretary Lied About Biden’s Whereabouts

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was caught in a lie about the location of the First Family on Friday, June 30th, when cocaine was discovered at the White House in the West Wing. During an angry response to a question about whether the cocaine could belong to a Biden family member, Jean-Pierre insisted that the Bidens weren’t even home at the White House during the discovery.

That claim was contradicted by a Fox News pool report that indicated President Biden gave remarks that day in the Roosevelt Room and then departed with the first lady, Hunter Biden, and Hunter’s son Beau Biden at 6:34 pm. The White House failed to respond to a request for commentary on the provably false claim.

After claiming the Bidens weren’t at the White House Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, Jean-Pierre tongue-lashed the reporter calling his question “incredibly irresponsible.” The discovery of the powdery drugs by a member of the Secret Service on that Sunday has prompted jokes at Hunter Biden’s expense, given the laptop scandal and Hunter Biden having been dishonorably discharged from the Navy reserves over a positive drug test result.

Despite also claiming that the President is eager to find the culprit and that the Secret Service was investigating, one anonymous source familiar with the investigation is claiming it is unlikely the culprit will be discovered due to lack of direct surveillance footage of the area and it being a highly trafficked section of the West Wing by visitors.

Jean-Pierre also ignored questions about whether or not the event will provoke new security measures and referred all specific questions regarding the investigation to the Secret Service. Jean-Pierre further reminded reporters that the area was open to visitors, and as such, anyone could have brought the cocaine into the White House. After explicitly stating it was in the West Wing, Jean-Pierre refused to further elaborate on where specifically the drugs were found other than saying it was a high-traffic area.