White House Under Fire for Hosting Party During Attack on Israel

(TotalConservative.com) – President Joe Biden and the White House are facing backlash for continuing to host a scheduled party for all “non-political” staff members while violence erupted in Israel after a surprise attack by Hamas, and they’re doubling down on their position.

After it came out that the White House was planning to host the party, critics began to blast the president for not prioritizing focusing on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict after a surprise attack on Israel shocked the world over the weekend. The attacks killed over 900 and left more than 2,000 Israelis injured, including some foreign nationals attending a music festival. Israel quickly responded by launching a “complete siege” of the Gaza Strip, conducting over 1,000 airstrikes on the area.

The White House responded to the criticism by doubling down on their position. A White House official said that Biden “has been consistently engaged in supporting Israel” while the country defends itself against “brutal terrorist attacks.” The official also said that Biden spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after which Biden ordered the US military to aid the Israel Defense Force (IDF) and “ensure they have what they need.”

The official then addressed the White House event, which was already “long-scheduled,” and meant to serve as a thank you to “the hardworking non-political staff” at the White House. The staff honored at the event include security, cleaning staff, and kitchen staff.

In an official statement from the White House, they claim the specific date for the event “was chosen because there were no… activities” at the White House requiring their work at the time, and so “they could bring their families.” The White House said their staff “deserve recognition” and that “small, petty comments” from the media or politicians won’t change that.

One Republican Senator, Josh Hawley of Missouri, was just one of many who commented on the issue. Hawley tweeted on Sunday that Biden was “enjoying a picnic with a live band” while Americans were held hostage by Hamas.

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