Biden’s Behavior In Front Of King Charles III Sparks Outrage

( – President Joe Biden again seemed confused and required someone to guide him to the next position during an event in the UK where he met with King Charles III for the first time since his coronation outside of Windsor Castle. The King politely opened his arms and guided President Biden away from the Royal Guards during a public Inspection of the Guard displaying the two elderly leaders. Biden takes a moment to talk with one of the guards before following Charles onward.

The clip was shared widely as yet another example of Biden’s loss of basic functions. The President is in Europe for a week-long round of policy talks with European leaders on issues like the environment and the Ukrainian war.

King Charles tried to prod Biden on, but the President continued to talk with a guard until the King put his arm behind Biden to guide him away. Did someone forget to inform the President of the protocol for this event, or is it just another example of him going off-script? The President made another faux-paus when he accidentally revealed the US military stockpiles for 155mm artillery ammunition were running low despite White House and Pentagon corrections claiming that wasn’t the case.

Conservative commentator and journalist Benny Johnson said that the President required someone to “man-handle” and “dog-walk” the President to the stage. Commenters were quick to make a reference to the “Let’s Go Brandon” meme posting the comment over a picture of the King with his arms wide open.

Students for Trump founder and director Ryan Fournier asked, “How is this even real?” calling the situation an embarrassment for the nation. Podcast host Joey Mannarino called the clip “a dementia walk.

President Biden was also revealed to have quite the temper, according to an Axios exclusive. “Old Yeller: Biden’s Private Fury” lays out insider stories from first-hand accounts of President Biden’s explosive anger being directed at his subordinates. Explosive outbursts are a common sign of dementia and some personality disorders.

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