Black Conservative Calls San Francisco Reparations Plans Gaslighting

( – PragerU personality and ex-BLM activist Xaviaer DuRousseau blasted the city of San Francisco for dangling huge sums of money, debt forgiveness, and cheap property as gaslighting black people into believing they need government handouts to be successful.

He pointed out that these lies were pervasive and consistent, and that he himself had fallen for them until taking some time to do the research. He was shocked by how easily their narratives were exposed as deception.

Appearing with Laura Ingraham on Fox, DuRousseau expressed his beliefs that these ridiculous handouts will never actually materialize. He called their offers of $5 million dollars to each qualified black San Franciscan unrealistic and scoffed at the suggestion white families cough up $600,000 a piece in order to fund reparations.

He also took umbrage at the idea that homes be sold to qualified individuals for $1 a piece. He also pointed out that the Democrats’ obsession with slavery, which ended almost two hundred years ago, obscures contemporary issues like homeless veterans struggling with mental health issues.

Ingraham pointed out that while Democrats love to suggest these crazy proposals, they always demand Republicans pay for them while refusing to open their homes or wallets. You won’t see Democrats handing out huge sums of their money for reparations or selling their homes for $1, but they fully expect you to get on board with their plans.

Democrats and BLM activists love to ignore anything that doesn’t fit with their narratives. Crime is a huge problem in black communities, and it’s ignored by BLM and Democratic activists. Leo Terrell is a lawyer and regular Fox News contributor who pointed out that the 2020 St. Floyd riots harmed black people and black communities, despite their intentions otherwise.

Heather Mac Donald is with Manhattan Institute and studies criminal activity, and she noted that the spike in crime following the 2020 St. Floyd riots hurt black communities and harmed black lives. The spike followed nationwide defund the police campaigns as well as efforts to release violent offenders and so-called bail reforms that kept them on the streets even after they’ve been arrested and charged.

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