Bloomberg Blasts Biden, Dems Over Migrant Crisis

( – Billionaire Democratic donor and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg had some choice words for President Joe Biden this week, calling him out for ignoring inefficient border laws and the growing migrant crisis impacting the nation.

In a column for The New York Times, Bloomberg said that if the Democratic Party sees sweeping losses in the 2024 elections it’ll be the responsibility of Biden and his administration if they don’t do something about the migrant crisis.

The 81-year-old former New York City mayor said the current system “essentially allows an unlimited number of people” into the country while forbidding them from employment, providing free housing for them, and granting each migrant “seven years of residency” before it’s even determined “they can legally stay.” Bloomberg said it “would be hard to devise” a system “more backward and self-defeating.”

Bloomberg’s column is only the latest addition to the mounting pressure on Biden and the federal government to address the migrant crisis. The current holder of Bloomberg’s former job, Mayor Eric Adams, gave a warning last week that the situation would “destroy” the Big Apple if the White House doesn’t step in to provide more assistance.

Despite receiving much criticism for his words, which some fellow Democrats perceived as “anti-migrant,” as well as his handling of the crisis in New York from Republicans, Bloomberg praised Adams’ efforts. The former mayor accompanies the current mayor on Monday in Lower Manhattan during the 9/11 memorial service. He said those “who have latched onto” Adams’s comments “seem more concerned with his words” than “the problem itself.” Bloomberg said Adams is doing an “admirable job.”

Adams and New York Gov. Kathy Hochul have both continued to call upon the federal government for more aid, although their calls have gone mostly ignored as 10,000 migrants continue to enter the city every month.

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