Border Checkpoints Forced to Close Due to Migrant Waves

( – The surge of immigrants at the southern border has gotten so out of hand that the busiest sector in Texas was forced to temporarily suspend its highway checkpoint operations.

According to a source from inside Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), nearly all agents stationed in the Del Rio Border Patrol Sector were recently redirected from enforcement duties and assigned to help process, transport, and provide care for over 7,000 immigrants currently held in custody. Some of the immigrants are detained at a temporary outdoor site for staging near Eagle Pass, and the rest are in local processing facilities too small to accommodate them.

The shutdown order came in light of over 5,000 border crossers held in local facilities that are designed to hold just below 2,000 migrants. Over 2,000 others are also being held in Eagle Pass at a temporary shelter underneath the Camino Real International Bridge II. The only other entry port serving Eagle Pass and Piedras Negras remains closed due to the surge.

According to the anonymous CBP source, at least 32,000 immigrants made their way into the US since the start of December. Most of these encounters were near Eagle Pass, which holds second place for the busiest sector along the southern border. The busiest area is the Tucson Sector in Arizona, where Gov. Katie Hobbs recently activated her state’s National Guard to help with the crisis after the sector saw 40,000 crossings in December.

Local communities are feeling the impacts of the situation because they rely on these entry ports for employment, shopping, and legal border crossings between Mexico and the US for tourism.

The mayor of Eagle Pass, Rolando Salinas, expressed his frustration on social media about the surge of new arrivals in his city, which he described as a disaster. Salinas also criticized Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for failing to visit the worst spots in Eagle Pass while stopping by Evalde just 60 miles away.

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