Eagle Pass Sees 2,000 Migrant Crossings in a Single Night

(TotalConservative.com) – Video footage captured over 2,200 illegal immigrants just walking into the country at Eagle Pass, Texas, as the border crisis continues to put a strain on communities across the country.

The footage was recorded in the town of Piedras Negras on the Mexican side of the border. Migrants can be seen marching in a long line directly into the river as they hold one another to keep their balance. On the other side of the river, migrants can be seen exiting the river onto the shores of Eagle Pass, Texas.

The video is just the latest example of how severe the situation at the southern border is, and how much of that impact is being felt by border states like Texas and Arizona. These states are beginning to lose patience with the “sanctuaries” who have begun to bemoan the burden of migrants entering their states and cities.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams recently warned that the Big Apple will be destroyed if the federal government doesn’t do more to help care for the new arrivals. An estimated 110,000 migrants have entered New York City since Spring 2022 and the city is now running out of space to shelter them, a problem also facing Chicago and other self-proclaimed “sanctuary cities.”

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has been sending migrants out of the Lone Star State and into places like New York and Chicago. Abbott and other Republican governors, such as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, argue that since the leadership of these places advocate for the policies that allow so many migrants in, and since they claim to care so much about them, then they should deal with the burden.

Arizona Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, who left the Democratic Party recently and declared herself an independent, criticized President Joe Biden and his administration for giving so much money to Adams and New York while Arizona and Texas have to deal with a substantially larger number of migrants as border states.

A state of emergency was declared in Eagle Pass on Wednesday as over 11,000 migrants entered the city in a single day, only a portion of whom were captured on video.

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