Filmmaker Speaks Out on Controversial Sound of Freedom

( – Eduardo Verástegui is a producer for the controversial new independent film “Sound of Freedom” who spoke with “Fox & Friends” on Sunday, July 16th. The film focuses on the story of Tim Ballard, an ex-Department of Homeland Security agent who focused on child trafficking in South America. After being frustrated by bureaucracy, Ballard ultimately left government work to form an independent organization that investigated and freed children being trafficked while reporting individuals and organizations to local authorities.

The film focuses on his story, using very real examples to make a thriller audiences are excited by. The film itself has garnered $82 million at the box office, beating out blockbuster titles like “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.”

Verástegui spoke of the difficulty their team had in attempting to get Hollywood’s attention. He was told repeatedly that audiences wouldn’t go see the movie by big screen executives and their underlings. Angel Studios is the organization behind the film, and they’ve successfully used crowdfunding to raise money for their faith-based content.

He said he prayed for a miracle and God delivered. Angel Studios picked up the film after years of them attempting to get it made, and in the first 10 days of release, more than five million people rushed out to see it on just a few hundred screens nationwide. With the early exposure and publicity came more attention and now the film is making waves in the industry with some folks wondering if the Hollywood model is dying out.

The film stars Jim Cazaviel and Mira Sorvino and had a relatively modest budget of only $14.5 million. The cultural waves it’s generated are impossible to ignore, even major corporate press put out multiple attack pieces attempting to link the film to Q-anon-associated conspiracy theories. But the stories in the film, the victims, and the millions of people flocking to see it are quite real.

Verástegui said that the film is more than just a movie, it’s a weapon to fight human trafficking across the globe. The practice is concealed in the shadows, victims tend to be orphans and some are forced into the practice by their parents. Movies like this expose it to the light of day, making it more likely that individuals will act to end it, in whatever way they can.

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