GOP Sen. Rubio Will Introduce Bill to Deal with “Coyotes” at the Southern Border

( – Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio will introduce a new bill to hold “coyotes” (smugglers) accountable with fines and prison time if caught.

The new bill called the “No Coyote Cash Act” was cosigned by Republican senators Mike Braun of Indiana; Ted Cruz of Texas; and Roger Marshall of Kansas. It establishes consequences for coyotes to be “fined the equivalent value of the transmitted money, property, or item of value” and “imprisoned not more than a year, or both.” If the perpetrator is an illegal immigrant, they may also be deported.

While discussing the new bill, Rubio blamed President BIden’s “failed open border policy” for continuing the incentivize the border crisis. He also told Fox News Digital that the point of the “No Coyote Cash Act” is to target “one of the root causes of illegal migration” by ensuring “those who pay cartels, smugglers and coyotes are convicted” for enabling criminals to profit off of smuggling human beings.

Depending on various factors, coyotes can charge as much as $10,000 to smuggle people across the border, and encounters with such smugglers are at an all-time high under Biden’s leadership.

The migrant crisis is having an impact not just on states like Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California, but even the East coast has been feeling the strain on resources from the situation.

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