Hezbollah Threatens to Come After Israel Next

(TotalConservative.com) – Iranian-backed Lebanese Hezbollah issued a video warning Israeli forces that “we are coming.” The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) told reporters that they had already exchanged small arms fire with Hezbollah fighters along the contested northern border of the country.

The flare-up in violence follows a Hamas-led attack on Israel in which they fired hundreds of rockets into populated areas of the country. They also launched an overnight raid on a rave happening near the wall which encapsulates Gaza. That attack led to hundreds of dead partygoers who were gunned down as they tried to escape. Some have been taken hostage, many more are missing.

Hezbollah fired artillery rounds and rockets at the Shebaa Farms area in the northern part of Israel. In their communications, they suggested they were acting “in solidarity” with the Palestinians living in the occupied territories.

Hezbollah leader Hashem Safieddine said that their attack was a “message” to US and Israeli authorities, suggesting they stop fanning the flames of war before the entire region is engulfed in bloodshed and violence.

He further said that they couldn’t be neutral and had no intention of being neutral during a gathering in outside of Beirut. He warned that what happened to towns in southern Israel could happen to towns and cities across the entire region.

Hezbollah spokesman Ibrahim Al Moussawi said that now was the time for them to be victorious and that they were done losing. He said what comes next will be different than prior conflicts and called the present moment “a strategic historical juncture.”

The IDF returned fire on Hezbollah occupied positions in Shebaa Farms. The IDF also reported using a drone to attack “terrorist infrastructure” around Mount Dov. They further claimed they’ll continue to operate in the area and the entire region to maintain security and safety of Israelis.

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