House Oversight Committee Will Examine The Joe Biden Family Business Dealings

( – Republicans in the House Oversight Committee will have access to a new trove of information regarding President Biden’s overseas bank accounts, per statements from Committee Chairman James Comer.

The Treasury Department had dragged the request out for months and only capitulated to the request after being threatened with a full hearing, transcribed interview, and perjury charges.

“For over 20 years, Congress had access to these reports,” Comer said in a written statement. Continuing, he elaborated that the Biden administration had obfuscated and delayed and even invented new rules “out of the blue” to abrogate their oversight investigation.

Comer explained that they are investigating the Biden family as there are a number of suspicious data points in the family’s finances. One item includes a $3 million dollar payment made from a Chinese energy company to Biden just 2 months after he left his position as Vice President. Does that sound suspicious to you?

Additionally, the Oversight Committee subpoenaed Bank of America for “all financial records” relating to Hunter Biden’s business transactions with three individuals from 2009 to the present. Were Hunter’s accountants good enough to keep everything on the up and up? We shall see.

Commenting on the matter a spokesman for the committee said that the data has improved their understanding and opened additional subjects for investigation into the Biden family businesses.

Republicans have suggested that Biden sold influence during his tenure as Vice President to multiple parties around the world, including Chinese and Ukrainian interests. Hunter Biden’s business practices have been under federal scrutiny for five years now.

While Joe Biden hands out money and weapons to Ukraine and rails against the specter of legal gun violence, the American people want to know if he’s as corrupt as many suspect.

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