Joe Biden Signs New Executive Order To ‘Advance Racial Equity’

( – President Joe Biden signed a new executive order Thursday, February 16th. He’s pushing the narrative that the United States is today, in 2023, a systemically racist country that has yet to achieve equal rights.

The order, Further Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through The Federal Government builds on a previous executive order by the president of the same title, minus the “further.” With high-brow esoteric communist lingo, the President claims the order will “deliver equity and build an America in which all can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential.” One might think less taxation and regulation of small businesses could accomplish that goal without singling out any specific racial groups for additional benefits.

What does this order do? It will create an annual review for executive agencies to “assess and include actions to address” any impediments “underserved communities” might have in accessing federal programs.

It also creates “Agency Equity Teams” to “advance equity in support of all those who face overlapping discrimination and bias.” Translated from Marxist, he’s making more middle-managers and bureaucrats who serve little if any practical function.

The language in this EO is just plain obtuse, “[it] requires agencies to improve the quality, frequency, and accessibility of their community engagement.” Does anyone care to wager a guess on that one? Perhaps Biden is encouraging them to tweet more often and tag black content creators?

It also instructs agencies to improve access for “small disadvantaged businesses” to federal grants, as to how the government defines those businesses that wasn’t included in the EO.

Plenty of writers sang the praises of this new EO. Josh Boak at the AP gave a glowing review that reminded folks of the recent murder of Tyre Nichols by police officers without mentioning that the cops were also black, mitigating the possibility this was a racist attack.

While the surface reasoning for these kinds of initiatives sounds plausible and positive, the truth is they’re often communist divide-and-conquer strategies in disguise. Favoring one community at the expense of others is the very definition of systemic racism. Is this a bit of pathological projection on the part of Joe Biden and the Democrats?

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