Kohl’s Follows Target’s Lead On Trans Clothing

(TotalConservative.com) – Just like companies such as Bud Light and Target, Kohl’s is now following in their footsteps by releasing LGBTQ+ Pride Month merchandise for adults, children, as well as babies, resulting in backlash from conservative Americans who are getting tired of it.

The chain clothing store is now onboard with cashing in on Pride Month and recently began advertising their clothing and other accessories sporting rainbow flags and other LGBTQ+ themed designs. The Kohl’s collection features baby clothes with trans flags and designs featuring kids waving flags.

The controversial business choice of endorsing Pride Month, especially for merchandise aimed at children and babies, is one many corporations are making at the risk of losing patronage from more conservative-leaning customers.

The most recent company to make headlines prior to Kohl’s was Target, who launched a line of Pride themes clothing including a swimsuit that is “tuck friendly” for adults (meaning it enables males to tuck their genitals for concealment) as well as clothing for kids. Conservatives and Republicans criticized the company for going “woke” and started to boycott Target, resulting in some stores moving the Pride Month display from the front of the store to the back of the store where it would be less visible.

A few beer companies have also jumped on the Pride bandwagon, the most notable being Bud Lite which featured transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney on their beer cans. The move resulted in a mass boycott and a drop in sales for the company and costing them millions.

Whether or not Kohl’s will take a similar financial hit as Target, Bud Lite, and others remain to be seen, but judging by the pattern of how many Americans reacted negatively to LGBTQ+ Pride themes being pushed by these other companies, it’s likely they will see a drop in their stock and a reduction in sales.

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