Mother Outraged as Students Try to Poison Son with Allergen

( – A Texas high school parent is demanding the expulsion of students who deliberately put peanuts in her son’s belongings, risking his life due to his severe allergy.

Shawna Mannon, speaking at a school board meeting in Lake Travis ISD, expressed her shock, asserting that two football players, aware of her son’s peanut allergy, purposefully planted peanuts in his locker. She revealed that her son could face life-threatening consequences if exposed to peanuts. The incident unfolded when the students inquired about the severity of the allergy, ultimately putting the allergen in his athletic gear.

The distressing incident emerged when the son stumbled upon peanuts in his sports uniform, leading to an immediate allergic reaction marked by hives. Mannon spoke out during a Wednesday meeting, voicing her concerns about the gravity of the situation.

Several community members rallied behind Mannon during the meeting, highlighting their own experiences with food allergies. One resident, Belinda Vaca, emotionally shared the loss of her child due to an allergic reaction, expressing solidarity with Mannon’s plight.

The district confirmed the involvement of two students in the incident but refrained from divulging specifics regarding the consequences, citing federal privacy laws safeguarding minors. Amidst widespread condemnation of the district’s response, community members, and food allergy advocates expressed their dissatisfaction. Parents and advocates demanded stronger punitive measures, urging the expulsion of the students involved.

The incident highlighted a gap in the district’s policies concerning food allergies, with Mannon emphasizing the need for a more robust approach to protect vulnerable students. Concerns were raised about the exploitation of vulnerability without adequate repercussions for the perpetrators.

While unable to respond directly to public comments, board members acknowledged the severity of the incident and its implications for student safety. Erin Archer, a board member, stressed the shared commitment to prioritize student well-being within the community.

The incident underscores the importance of comprehensive school policies and disciplinary measures to ensure the safety and well-being of all students within the educational ecosystem.

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