New Democrat Poll Suggests Biden Rapidly Losing Popularity With Younger Voters

( – The Associated Press is dropping the results from their latest poll of democratic-leaning voters and the results suggest most of them would prefer another candidate for the 2024 presidential contest. Only 37% of polled Democrats are interested in seeing Biden serve a second term. That’s a drop of 15% from when a similar cohort was asked the same question just before the midterm elections last year. Biden has announced his intention to seek re-election.

The poll showed that 41% of Democrats approve of Biden’s job performance which is unchanged from the previous poll. When looking at combined numbers including independents and Republicans, only 22% want Biden to run again. That value dropped 7% from the previous poll.

The data demonstrates that it’s mostly younger voters who prefer a fresh candidate, with 49% of Democrats aged 45 and above wanting to see him run again. Those below that threshold come in at 23%, down 22 points from the pre-midterm poll.

Respondents said that his age was a major area of concern. Between Biden’s bizarre gaffes, difficulties with public speaking and clearly annunciating his words, folks feel like it’s time for someone who’s not a stone-toss from death’s door at 80 years old. Sarah Overman was one such respondent to said Biden would be “too old” and prefers a younger candidate.

When pressed on his age, Biden likes to respond with “watch me” and it seems many folks have and are concerned. Some pointed out the much-vaunted red wave never materialized in the midterm elections which is a credit to Biden’s successes, however, others felt like the Republicans failed to mobilize their voters with a coherent message.

Biden has been involved in federal politics for half a century, being first elected to the Senate in 1972 representing his home state of Delaware. With Democrat voters losing faith this far out from the 2024 season, will Joe Biden be their candidate or will the establishment find fresh blood they can prop up with their major media monopolies?

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