New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy Signs Executive Order Aiming to Eliminate College Requirements for Some State Jobs

( – A new executive order was signed by New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy which aims to prioritize work experience and practical skills and abilities over college degree requirements for some New Jersey state jobs.

Murphy signed the order on Monday, directing the New Jersey civil service commission to reassess positions requiring a college degree and to determine which jobs should have guidelines and requirements for hiring revised. The revisions will emphasize work experience and practical skills and abilities over academic achievements and degrees.

According to officials, each year there are hundreds of applicants who are rejected or avoid applying because of the educational requirements for state jobs. Such positions have annual salaries of over $100,000. Six other states have passed similar orders to emphasize skills and experience over college degrees, officials said, such as in Pennsylvania where Gov. Josh Shapiro signed an executive order getting rid of four-year degrees for most state jobs just a day after being sworn into office.

In a statement, Murphy said that every American should be able “to attain a good job” with opportunities for growth so they can “secure their place in the middle class, regardless of whether or not they have a college degree.” It’s unclear if lowering these standards will impact the efficiency of state government or improve it by filling every position more easily.

The very same day, thousands of professors, graduate student workers, and part-time lecturers went on strike throughout Rutgers University following a stalemate in contract negotiations that have been going on since last July. Strikes were organized on all campuses in Newark, New Brunswick, Piscataway, and Camden, with some classes being canceled. The strike involved three unions, the leaders of which said that faculty are demanding increased salaries, better job security for adjuncts, and funding guarantees for graduate students.

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