‘Operation Recovery’ Still Attempting To Get 10,000 US-Friendly Afghans Out Safely

(TotalConservative.com) – Ian Paterson is the Executive Director of Operation Recovery, a US-based company trying to rescue Afghans from the Taliban. He sat down with John Hines of OAN News to discuss his company’s efforts to get US-friendly Afghans out of the country safely.

Paterson said that they believed there to be roughly ten thousand of these individuals trying to get out of the country after the disastrous withdrawal two years ago by President Joe Biden and his advisers.

Hines asked him how that was possible, to which Paterson said the government had “stepped back from” the situation leaving it to companies, non-profits, and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs). He reported getting “a little help” from the State Department but replied that most of the “heavy lifting” was done by independent organizations.

Paterson called it an “in-depth operation” with “a lot of moving parts.” He directed folks to Operation Recovery’s website and the Moral Compass Federation, which is a larger syndicate comprised of two dozen smaller organizations.

Hines and Paterson discussed the types of individuals still stuck under the Taliban’s rule. They included teachers, interpreters, and members of the previous Afghani government, many of whom worked in the armed forces or collaborated with U.S. or U.N. personnel. Hines highlighted the specific plight that women face living under Taliban-enforced Sharia, or Islamic law that strictly controls how women behave in public.

Paterson credits the safety of these individuals with a network of NGOs and their collaborative efforts to obtain things they need and provide valuable intelligence and safe houses. Paterson said that they worked to obtain both healthcare and mental healthcare as the stress of being literally hunted by the authorities is overwhelming for some. Thankfully, he reported that most of the individuals they were aware of were safe and they haven’t yet heard horror stories of torture or execution.

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