Panicked Parisians Freaking Out Over Viral Videos of Bedbugs

( – The French don’t want to let the bed bugs bite, but the problem has become so serious that national politicians are calling for legislative solutions. Compounding the issue is that France is set to host the 2024 Summer Olympics, and viral videos which turn out to be fake or misleading.

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne hosted an emergency meeting on Friday, October 6th to address the bedbug crisis. The biting insects that feed on human blood and leave itchy welts behind are reportedly infesting homes as well as public transportation.

Transportation Minister Clement Beaune met with representatives from major transportation companies to create a plan to monitor and cleanse buses and train cars to cope with what some have called “a national psychosis.”

Viral pictures and videos reportedly showed the insects crawling on seats in train cars and in movie theaters. Elderly grandmothers are avoiding taking their grandkids to the movies due to potential fears of a creepy crawler hitching a ride home with them.

The anxiety has been mounting for weeks as officials scramble to respond. Dozens of cases were investigated after reports were made by concerned citizens, but authorities claim all of them were found to be negative for bed bugs. Train cars and cinemas were investigated and found to be clear of the disturbingly infectious insects.

Experts reminded the public that bedbugs can go dormant and wait for months before rousing and feasting on human blood. The summer games would be a perfect venue for the little buggers to feed and spread as travelers come from around the world. They also clarified that the insects are not drawn to dirty homes or unclean sheets, they’re merely after human blood.

The tiny monsters feed on people while they sleep and have occasional outbreaks in urban centers around the world. Over 10% of the homes in France had a problem between 2017 and 2022, according to its National Health agency. The data came from an anonymous poll which is presumed more accurate as folks are loathe to report they’ve had the insects in their home.

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