Robert Kennedy Jr Brings In Big Fundraising Haul 3 Days Before Deadline

( – Robert Kennedy Jr., son of Bobby Kennedy, controversial author, and internet firebrand, has raised a whopping $3 million in campaign donations in the last few days before the close of the second quarter reporting deadline. While defamed in the corporate press, Kennedy poses a significant threat to Joe Biden’s ambitions for a second term.

Kennedy was a leading skeptic of the controversial experimental vaccine program and has been a voice for vaccine skepticism and medical safety issues for the last few decades.

He has also spoken openly about the assassinations of his uncle Robert Kennedy, and his father, President John F. Kennedy, allegedly by members of the American intelligence community. His opinions have led him to be labeled an “anti-vaxxer” and “conspiracy theorist,” but his polling shows those perspectives are becoming more popular with American voters, despite major media character assassination campaigns.

Kennedy quoted Dennis Kucinich, who ran in the Democratic primary in 2008. Kucinich said that American voters are tired of “the media smears” and that further attacks on Kennedy are increasing his campaign coffers as people are “opening up their wallets” in his defense. Kucinich added that Kennedy respects his voters and the public, which is why his message is resonating.

The Kennedy campaign indicated they had received $6 million in total donations in the second quarter of 2023, with over half of that coming in just the last three days of the reporting deadline. Kennedy will have to overcome the challenges faced by running against an incumbent president. Biden also has the full support of the Democratic Party apparatus, which has declined to allow any debates between Joe Biden and his competitors for the nomination.

Ousted Fox News host Tucker Carlson suggested the establishment was targeting Kennedy’s campaign with more vitriol than they aimed at Donald Trump during his 2020 campaign. In their opening line covering Kennedy’s campaign announcement, they suggested Kennedy wanted to destroy “Americans’ faith in science.” Carlson mercilessly mocked that line, suggesting that the writers for the Times were implying Kennedy wanted to drag America back to the medieval period.

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