Russian Admiral Declared Dead Has Been Seen Alive

( – Following rumors that began circulating claiming Russian Admiral Viktor Sokolov died and the Ukrainian military claiming responsibility, the story was shown to be false the next day after Sokolov emerged alive.

Sokolov was the Russian commander of the country’s Black Sea naval fleet. On Monday, Ukraine claimed the commander died in an attack on the Sevastioik port last week. Then, on the following day, the commander appeared in footage of a defense meeting in Russia, very much alive. The footage of the meeting was published by the Russian news outlet RIA Novosti, which is state-owned.

After the attack last Friday, the defense ministry of Russia announced that five missiles were shot down while only one Russian serviceman died and the fleet headquarters suffered damage. There was no mention of Sokolov.

Then some reports began circulating online and the Ukraine government announced on Monday that he was killed and that they inflicted large casualties in the Crimea region. It’s not clear if the initial reports were exaggerated or misinformed in a way leading Ukraine to mistakenly think they killed Sokolov, or if the Ukrainian government made up the story for another purpose.

The missile attack last week was the latest in the Ukrainian counteroffensive efforts to liberate Crimea from Russia’s grasp, a region that was annexed by Russia in 2014. In February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine and the ongoing conflict has been raging ever since, with the US pouring billions of dollars into the nation’s counteroffensive efforts. American lawmakers are also torn on how involved the US should be in the war, with a large number of Republicans firmly opposed to continuing to fund it.

Two weeks before this attack, a Russian submarine was wrecked by Ukraine in Sevastopol while in port, and Ukraine regained control over gas and oil drilling platforms in the Black Sea region.

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