Suspects in Moscow Attack Appeared in Court Monday

( – Four suspects in the Moscow terror attack that left 137 people dead last week appeared in court on Monday, March 25. They were arraigned on charges related to their participation in the largest terror attack in recent Russian history. The men all had various levels of visible bruising on their faces, betraying the fact they’d been beaten severely while in custody.

One of the men had heavy bandaging covering his right ear. Another appeared to be unconscious wearing only a hospital gown amidst bruising around his face and eyes. Viral videos originating from encrypted messaging platform Telegram appear to show the men suffering brutal assaults after their arrest.

Russian President Vladimir Putin vowed that those responsible would receive no mercy; he suggested the cowardly attackers were “murderers, non-humans,” and added that they will face “retribution and oblivion” in an address the day after the attack. Putin further suggested that Ukraine was responsible, despite ISIS claiming responsibility for the attack.

The Russians reported on Monday that they picked up the suspects as they were attempting to move toward the Ukrainian border. The men who detained them were given medals for their heroic actions capturing the suspects.

Former Russian president and member of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev called for the execution of the terrorists, despite a moratorium on the death penalty across all of Russia. Medvedev also suggested the attack had multiple backers “who paid, who sympathized” with the terrorists and suggested those parties suffer the same fate: “Kill them all,” he said.

The attack follows Putin’s recent landslide victory winning another 6-year term as president. Putin has been running the former Soviet nation for 24 years, and received 87.3% of the vote. He beat his former record of winning by 76.69% in 2018. The Russian election commission reported extremely high voter turnout of 77.44%. Putin hailed the win as a mandate from the people. Critics contend the elections in Russia are rigged.

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