Suspicious: Joe Biden Used Multiple Aliases In Emails With Business Partners

( – Rep. Greg Steube appeared on Newsmax Thursday, August 17th to ask why President Joe Biden had used multiple aliases in email communications with Hunter Biden’s business partners in Ukraine during his time as Vice President. Steube was discussing emails published this year by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) in which Joe Biden used not one, or two, but three different names to sign messages that pertained to his family’s personal business dealings overseas.

“JRB Ware,” “Robin Ware,” and “Robert Peters” were all aliases used by Joe Biden to sign the emails, leading Steube to inquire: why? Why the need for alter-egos as Vice President unless something is being hidden from scrutiny?

Rep. James Comer (R-KY) chairs the House Oversight Committee and asked NARA to publish records from Joe Biden’s Vice Presidency that happened to overlap with business deals that Hunter Biden was orchestrating overseas in places like Ukraine, China, and elsewhere.

Steube filed Articles of Impeachment against President Biden earlier this year. Obstruction of justice, abuse of office, bribery, fraud, and other allegations are laid out in his proposal. He argued that the use of pseudonyms only furthers Republican contentions that the President has been engaged in criminal activity for decades with his misdeeds concealed by apparatchiks in government office.

Stuebe told Newsmax viewers that the information they’ve uncovered included “actual numbers” of millions of dollars the Biden family had illicitly garnered through corrupt business deals and peddling influence to the highest bidder. He said that Biden’s family had taken over $20 million from Chinese, Russian, and Ukrainian sources. He highlighted a $3.5 million deal where Russian Elena Baturina gave that money to Hunter Biden, and then shortly thereafter had dinner with him and Joe Biden who was VP at the time.

Stuebe pointed out that after Russia invaded Ukraine and wealthy Russians began having their assets frozen and business deals sanctioned, Baturina – somehow – did not get hit with sanctions. Stuebe further said that there were “all sorts of things like this.”

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