Taxpayers Fund Unlimited Free Housing, Food, And Phones For Illegals

( – NYC Mayor Eric Adams has purchased the rights to house illegal migrants from the southern border in a sixth Manhattan hotel. The world’s tallest Holiday Inn will offer its 492 rooms to families and women traveling alone, according to a February 7th statement from the mayor’s office.

The mayor further explained that the city has given aid to over 44,000 migrants in the last 10 months. That number is going to grow as Joe Biden’s administration refuses to stem the tide coming over the southern border.

The city is footing the $190/night per room price with taxpayer funds, per an agreement between the hotel and NYC Health & Hospitals. That’s almost $100 thousand per day at max capacity or $10.5 billion over a year.

The details were revealed through court documents as the hotel is embroiled in bankruptcy proceedings due to the financial impact of the lockdowns and restrictions over the last few years. Its current owner is Chinese developer Jubao Xie, so housing migrants is directly funding Chinese-owned business with taxpayer dollars while it’s going bankrupt.

A February 8th New York Post editorial asked, “what’s the endgame?” How long will we burn credit and go into debt housing/feeding/clothing non-citizens? Many of the men are getting delivery jobs, but that money goes right into their pockets, not to fund their new lifestyle. They’re also getting free medical care and free cell phones, including free tickets to Canada should they want to migrate there. Unfortunately, some who already went north are on their way back to NYC. They complained about the cold.

New York City got a preview of what happens when you ask the migrants to leave one of their posh hotels. The Watson Hotel on 57th street was the site of a recent protest when the single men being housed there were relocated to a shelter in Brooklyn so the hotel could be used for families and women. A group of a few dozen malcontents refused to go and were aided by NYC antifas and other activists before the police finally broke up the party after a few days of streetside shenanigans. Expect more of that in the future.

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