Texas Governor Abbot calls for the impeachment of the Secretary of Homeland Security

(TotalConservative.com) – With a GOP majority now in the House of Representatives, Governor Geg Abbot of Texas calls on them to impeach Homeland Security secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, regarding the border crisis impacting his home state and the entire country.

In a Fox News Digital interview, Abbot says “Mayorkas has repeatedly told the public that the border is secure” and “not open,” which he testified before Congress. According to Abbot, “the reality is under Secretary Mayorkas we have the largest number of people coming across the border illegally ever” in U.S. history. Abbot believes Mayorkas should be prosecuted for “lying to Congress and lying to Americans” and that he’s “incompetent at his job.”

Last week, GOP Texas Rep. Pat Fallon filed articles of impeachment against Mayorkas over the U.S.-Mexican border crisis, which has only worsened over the last two years under President Joe Biden, who did not visit the border while in office until earlier this month. When Biden arrived in El Paso, Governor Abbot gave the president a letter stating that Biden’s visit “is $20 billion too little and two years too late.”

Abbot will outline what he plans to do during his next term to handle the border situation, saying the president has been “missing in action” and that the strategies employed to secure the border will be “unprecedented.”

Democrats and the Biden administration have criticized the Texas governor for sending busloads of migrants from the Lone Star State to Democratic cities across the country. This strategy had some effect. New York City Mayor Eric Adams visited the border in El Paso last weekend and admitted the situation was a national crisis, which he knows all too well as many buses of migrants have landed on his doorstep over the last year and are overwhelming the city’s resources.

Abbot will be inaugurated for a third term as governor of Texas, serving four more years leading the state.

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