Thirteen-Year-Old Karon Black Shot And Killed During Early Morning DC Crime Spree

( – A thirteen-year-old District of Columbia resident was shot and killed early Saturday, the 7th of January, when he was allegedly attempting to break into multiple cars. Police found Karon Blake with multiple gunshot wounds, which he received from another local resident who had shot him.

Police said the shooting occurred around 3:56 a.m. on the 1000 block of Quincy Street, in northeast DC.

According to police, the shooter “heard noises” and “observed someone tampering with vehicles.” They further said that the resident went outside to confront the individual, they exchanged words, and then he fired upon Blake, striking him multiple times. Blake was taken to the hospital where he died from his wounds.

Police are asking for patience while they investigate, calling rumors circulating “reckless misinformation.” They acknowledged that the shooter was African American, in order to combat claims of racism or white supremacy being involved in the shooting.

The shooter has not been charged or identified as the police continue to investigate. Many activists are outraged and demanding charges or to have the shooter publicly identified. One wonders what good that will serve other than make him a retaliatory target for local activists.

There is no indication of who called 911, and police have been reluctant to answer detailed questions so far. Blake was not armed when he was shot, according to police. When police arrived they found the shooter performing CPR on Blake. The firearm used in the shooting was legally registered.

A neighbor saw two other individuals fleeing the scene in a vehicle before ultimately ditching the vehicle and running away on foot. Police found a vehicle that was reported stolen on Quincy Street, and it is believed to have been used by Blake and possibly his fellow criminals. Whether that car was the one used by the two other individuals fleeing the scene was not clear.

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