Transgender Montana Lawmaker Sues To Challenge His Censure For Outrageous Behavior

( – Zooey Zephyr is attempting to fight back against his censure in the Montana legislature with a lawsuit challenging the validity of his ban on attending sessions in person, in the gallery, or in the antechambers outside the meeting room.

Zephyr was recently chastised for his refusal to apologize after he made comments claiming he hoped proponents of the bill that outlawed medicalized transitioning of minors would see blood on their hands when they bowed their heads in prayer.

The legislature voted to condemn Zephyr, a male who dresses up and identifies as a woman, for refusal to apologize for his remarks and an additional insult of inciting a ruckus in the gallery when his supporters disrupted a session and refused to vacate or settle down when instructed to by security.

Representing Missoula, Montana, and the surrounding areas, Zephyr is now suing with help from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and their lawsuit alleges that refusing to allow Zephyr into the room to participate in debates is a violation of his first amendment rights. They also argue that the censure violates the rights of his ~11,000 constituents to have full representation in state government.

Zephyr is hiding behind his status as a transgendered individual in order to deflect criticism about his behavior, a pattern in radical left-wing activism. Author and mathematician James Lindsay critiqued this specific style of interference as “Identity Marxism,” where Marxist ideology is put into an American context of using gender or racial minorities as props to acquire social power.

Zephyr has had a photographer following him around to events and during his work day, conservatives have called his behavior theatrical. It seems as if he will continue to behave outrageously for attention in the hopes that it will yield his desired outcomes.

Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen’s spokeswoman called the lawsuit “performance litigation,” and said it was merely activism masquerading as a legitimate lawsuit. Senate Bill 99, which was the source of Zephyr’s rage, was signed into law by Governor Greg Gianforte on April 28th.

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