Treasury Department Financial Records Ties Joe Biden’s Career To Business Deals

( – The House Oversight Committee has identified “six additional members” of Biden’s family who “may have benefitted” from their financial wheeling and dealing abroad, per its Chairman Rep. James Comer. In a public statement, he promised to continue the investigation into the potential of those business dealings having a negative impact on American national security.

Comer was joined by Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene (R-GA) and other committee members on a field trip to the Treasury Department on Monday, April 17th to look over financial records that pertain to the Biden family and their international business dealings.

Talking about the investigation, Comer referenced “thousands of pages” detailing the financial transactions that the Biden family or their associates engaged in as a part of their wider business deals which were recently made available to them.

Comer pointed out that Joe Biden’s political career and his connections were crucial to his family’s businesses, which raked in millions of dollars over the years. Comer also added that after their review of the Treasury documents, they’ve now identified six additional members of the Biden family who received funds from these deals. That brings the total number to nine individuals.

Comer announced their intention to look into additional banking records in order to “follow the Bidens’ tangled web” detailing their finances and business transactions as they look into the possibility that Biden was or is compromised by foreign state actors. He also said that “transparency and accountability” we in demand by the American people, which he promised to deliver.

The additional documents viewed at the Treasury include SARs or suspicious activity reports that pertain to Hunter Biden’s businesses overseas in countries like Ukraine and China. It is curious that one of those countries is currently receiving Biden-approved hundreds of billions in U.S. taxpayer funding, while the other is posturing for a potential invasion of Taiwan.

Fox News Digital has reported previously that in 2017 alone, Hunter Biden’s businesses in China scored over $1 million in profits that went directly to the Bidens. Hunter Biden has been under investigation for years now for his shady business dealings, including the potential for money laundering.

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