Trump Dominated CNN Town Hall Event As Host Tried To Discredit Him

( – Former President Donald Trump sat down for a town-hall-style meeting put on by CNN the evening of Wednesday, May 10th, and many are calling it a major win for the ex and potentially future president. Moderated by Kaitlin Collins, the event featured her asking Trump a series of tough questions regarding a wide variety of controversies, from January 6th to classified documents, and E. Jean Carroll’s civil suit against him.

Trump entered to a standing ovation and cheers from the audience. She started by digging into Trump over his claims of foul play during the 2020 election. Trump side-stepped the issue by bringing up the crisis at the southern border, and criminals being released from prisons. A visibly miffed Collins suggested those issues would come up later in their discussion.

She then switched to January 6th, asking Trump if he had any regrets about his actions on that day. Trump responded by elaborating on the events as they unfolded, reminding viewers that he encouraged his supporters to “walk peacefully and patriotically.” He also noted that “Crazy Nancy,” referring to then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) denied his offer to have additional security present for the inauguration.

He said he offered National Guard support and was turned down. Collins then asked why it took Trump 3 hours to encourage folks to go home. In response, Trump pulled out written copies of his tweet history from that day and emphasized every suggestion of remaining peaceful he made leading up to the event, during and after. He pointed out that Twitter took down a tweet he made at 2:30 pm where he encouraged law and order, respect for the police, and peaceful protest. He was able to deftly pivot to the killing of Ashley Babbitt, calling her a good person and a patriot who didn’t deserve to be shot.

Collins then switched to the E. Jean Carroll suit, which Trump disarmed by parodying the allegations. He also reminded Collins that his poll numbers have gone up each time he’s had a legal loss. Calling the allegations “election interference,” he mentioned his only experience with her was years ago taking a picture with her and her husband, a black newscaster. Trump said she called her husband an ape and wasn’t allowed to bring that up in the civil suit.

It seems like every establishment attempt to attack Trump only makes him more popular with voters.

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