Trump in Trouble? Georgia Prosecutor Mulls Decision to Charge Him With Election Crimes

( – Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner predicted Donald Trump could be in court one year after his indictment if charges are brought in the Georgia election investigation. The purple state was a close call in the 2020 election, and a phone call by Trump to urge recounts is the subject of a criminal investigation as to whether or not he illegally attempted to influence the results. 

The grand jury spent approximately seven months going over evidence and listening to witnesses, but ultimately the decision to level charges falls with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. The key issue was a phone call between Trump and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger where the president asked if they could “find” enough votes to flip the state with a margin of just under 12,000 votes. 

The investigation also looked at allegations Trump’s allies were going to send alternative electors to Georgia to falsely announce his victory as well as additional claims of racketeering and intimidation of election workers. Is this case about maintaining the law or is it merely an excuse by leftists to prevent Trump from running in 2024 by tying him up in court? 

Major media and big tech companies, along with their federal pals at the alphabet agencies can put out lies, misleading information, and gaslight members of the public, but if Trump asks about a close election it requires a grand jury. Has the double standard ever been more obvious? 

Kirschner said Wednesday during an interview that “we’ll probably see a trial date set somewhere between six months and a year down the road but the defense attorney will forever try to file motions to continue to push it further.” 

Willis asked Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney to keep the findings of the grand jury secret in order to “protect future defendants’ rights” implying there will be charges against more than one individual in relation to the probe. She continued to elaborate on the need for fairness, and argued “it is not appropriate at this time to have this report released.” Do Georgia democrats believe selective prosecution of their political enemies is “fair?”

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